DeFi for Degens
1st Auto-Stake on ETH

Earn 150,000% APY Just By Holding.

So Easy, Even A Degen Can Do It.

Hold & Rebase



Reward Frequency

1% Every 12 Hours

The $BMOON Token

As a member of the Blue Moon Army, you'll earn $BMOON, the currency that pays you. Learn more below.



Earn 1% Every 12 Hours (150,000% APY) just by holding $BMOON in your wallet.


5% Buy Fee & 15% Sell Fee goes towards Sustaining Rebases, Marketing & Auto-Liquidity.


$BMOON is the key to an Ecosystem of Utility, starting with the $BMOON Lottery.

About Blue Moon Team

The Blue Moon Team contains OG devs from the famous Titano Auto-Stake project on BSC that hit well over a 100M Market Cap and first started off the Auto-Stake Token craze. We're bringing that expertise to Blue Moon to revolutionize the Crypto space once again, but this time on the biggest network, Ethereum.